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Tiny Sweat Sensors Use Perspiration to Keep Track Of Health


Scientists agree that sweat can be collected in a far less invasive method than blood, since it forms outside our body. Now imagine using sweat to get regular updates on one’s health and that the entire process was as easy as applying a sticker onto a patch of skin. Scientists have found a way to create a minuscule adhesive sensor which can read body statistics based on an analysis of sweat, and relay all health-related information to a synced smartphone. Since perspiration is a rich concoction of ions and complex proteins, this wearable sensor could act as a daily-use alternative to blood tests and shed light on the internal workings of the body.


The silicone rubber disc is embedded with chemical sensors amongst other and can easily attach to the skin. This wearable mini lab contains “microfluidics” which are designed to route fluids within themselves in pretty much the way that many microelectronics work with electrons. Each one of the four chambers in the device measures a particular biomarker like chloride, pH, lactate or glucose. The device collects and analyzes perspiration for key biomarkers. For example, the device can indicate how various people respond to exercise which can include information on whether someone needs to change certain habits like drinking more water. The researchers said that this technology also had the potential to use other fluids like saliva and tears in a few years.