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New Wearable Device Can Tastes Skin


PKvitality is a comparatively new name in the device making industry, but they sure have a way of grabbing attention. The device maker recently launched a wrist tracker that could ‘taste’ the lactic acid and blood sugar levels on the wearer virtually. Designed keeping athletes and diabetics in mind, this could mean saying goodbye to the never-ending pinpricks endured for blood tests and also saving money usually spent on testing strips. Priced at $149, K’track Glucose, the company’s wrist tracker, can absorb fluid secreted from the skin containing glucose or lactic acid via the underside of the tracker.

skin device

Enthusiastic customers should note that while there will be no painful prick, K’track is designed to penetrate the skin via micro-needles. These needles are inserted into the outer skin where the fluid is collected and absorbed into the sensors in the device. The possible lab-on-a-chip set up within the device will analyse glucose levels and send the results to the user’s mobile app. For active athletes, a pricier K’Track Athlete wearable priced at $199 helps keep track of lactic acid levels, which help indicate the body’s response to workouts. PKvitality’s K’track devices are yet to hit the shelves as it still awaits clearance from the health department.

Tiny Sweat Sensors Use Perspiration to Keep Track Of Health


Scientists agree that sweat can be collected in a far less invasive method than blood, since it forms outside our body. Now imagine using sweat to get regular updates on one’s health and that the entire process was as easy as applying a sticker onto a patch of skin. Scientists have found a way to create a minuscule adhesive sensor which can read body statistics based on an analysis of sweat, and relay all health-related information to a synced smartphone. Since perspiration is a rich concoction of ions and complex proteins, this wearable sensor could act as a daily-use alternative to blood tests and shed light on the internal workings of the body.


The silicone rubber disc is embedded with chemical sensors amongst other and can easily attach to the skin. This wearable mini lab contains “microfluidics” which are designed to route fluids within themselves in pretty much the way that many microelectronics work with electrons. Each one of the four chambers in the device measures a particular biomarker like chloride, pH, lactate or glucose. The device collects and analyzes perspiration for key biomarkers. For example, the device can indicate how various people respond to exercise which can include information on whether someone needs to change certain habits like drinking more water. The researchers said that this technology also had the potential to use other fluids like saliva and tears in a few years.

The Limitless Ways To Expand Online Shopping Extravagance

With the growth of e-commerce, the prospects for online shopping is consistently on the rise. A majority of the retailers have an online platform to sell their products. Many have expanded their product range. A few offer free shipping offers to boost their sales. And a clear majority have their focus on social media to make their profits soar. The standard bricks and mortar shops are being reinvented to online boundaries. In the age of smartphones, tablet, and iPads, online shopping seems to be the best match. The physical distances are already blurred with several technological advancements. The online retail markets have gathered the impetus towards establishing their brands.

Business stalwarts like the Walmart have already acquired Kosmix, the renowned social media platform. They are looking forward to opening Walmartlabs to enhance their online sales. It is important for all online stores to focus on customer opinions, diverse product categories, strong return policies for acquiring a better reach among the consumers. Online retailers can also opt for in-store pick up to enhance their services. Many stores allow their customers to order products online and provides a delivery on the go. It can blur the distances further and cut down on the delivery time. A pick-up depot could be a viable option for the smaller retailers.

The online marketplace seems to be crowded already. The online stores can focus on providing mobile apps for an enhanced service. Sending out coupons and price comparisons are some of the proven trends to attract customers. Uploading customer’s video clips after a new purchase can bring about the required momentum to boost your online sales. The social networking sites are another potential option to double up your sales pattern. Targeting the huge socially active population is important. Facebook can enormously add to the return on investments. The flash sales and daily deals being experimented by the veteran retailers have always turned out success stories.

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