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Is Your Home Plumbing Working Properly

It is important that your plumbing works properly when you are looking to manage your home. However, sometimes your plumbing will need attention and calling a plumber may not be a viable option due to costs or time of the year. If you want to learn how to work with your plumbing system, read this article.plumber
To prevent your frozen pipes from bursting, leave the nearest faucet on to give the water a way to escape. This helps decrease any pressure in order to prevent burst pipes. A burst pipe can create damage that is expensive to repair.

Pump out your septic tank at least every five years to keep it properly working. This will prevent sediment from piling up in your tank, which could cause it to overflow into your home and yard, or even cause the entire septic system to fail. While you may find it costly to get your septic tank cleaned out, the cost is much higher to have sewage and backups cleaned up and your septic tank repaired or replaced.

You do not give the plumber all the money until he is finished with his work. Sometimes it is required to put a little money down before the job starts, but don’t ever pay the whole amount before you know the task is done correctly. It is a good thing to know the plumber did his job as he agreed to before he get’s all of his money.
Stay away from bleach tablets, blue tablets for the toilet and other toilet odor removers. The chemicals in these tablets can damage the rubber parts of your system and stop functioning.

Feel the floors around the toilets to see if they are soft; this will help you know if you have any damage. Put a foot on each side of the toilet and put weight on each side, if you have any give you may have damage. You can save money if you notice the problem as soon as possible.
Use filters on all drains to prevent debris that might clog the pipes from getting through. Clean the kitchen sink strainer any time something collects in it. The bathtub strainer will prevent hair from clogging up your repairs
Make a schedule for plumbing work, so it occurs all at approximately the same time. You might be tempted to contact a plumber every time you face a small problem, but if you have problems repaired all at once, you will have time to save money for the fixes. It also costs less because most plumbers will charge you per hour and include a minimum rate for coming out. If you call them out multiple times, those charges for them coming out will add up quickly.

Use cold water when using your garbage disposal. Blades will stay sharper with cold water, making disposal quicker. Don’t use hot water while running the garbage disposal. Hot water converts the grease in your trash to liquid form. When the liquified grease goes down the drain, it clogs the pipes.
Make sure a new shower head is of high quality. People will buy the cheapest option thinking it will do the job they need it to do. However, they are inexpensive for a reason, this being that they are cheaply made and tend to break a lot easier.
Prevention is the key to keeping your plumbing repair bills down. Drain clogging is a very common plumbing problem. You can clog your drains with hair. Avoid this by using a drain cover or screen that keeps hair and other particles from clogging your pipes. Because the hair is at a place where you can remove it, it saves you from having to call a plumber out to your home.
There are two ways to remove stubborn clean-out plugs. A hammer and chisel can be used to slacken the fitting. If that fails, you must chisel a hole in the plug.
Valves that are rarely used tend to fuse together. You can prevent them from becoming fused by regularly maintaining them with penetrating oil, and running water through them on a regular basis.
A plumber’s work goes well beyond fixing toilets and pipes. A more common job for a plumber is fixing broken water lines.

Plumbing problems cause actual nightmares for some folks, since they assume these situations can actually devastate their home. Know where your main water valve is to avoid flooding in case of serious plumbing issues. Know where your main water valve is so you can quickly turn off your water supply and prevent water damage.
As you can see, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to fix the plumbing in your home. If you use the tips you’ve read here, you’ll be able to solve any emergency and even install your own plumbing for new fixtures without the aid of a professional! For Water Heater Questions look here

Professional Gas Line Installation and Repair in Fort Worth

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Landscape Lighting – Outdoor Lighting – Got Questions

When you are trying to decide how to put in transformers for you landscape lighting, it is natural to have questions. Here I have tried to answer some of them.

If you have a question of your own not answered here, please feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page and I, or someone else will try to answer it for you!outdoor lighting - landscape lighting

Q. How do transformers work?

A. Transformers are plugged into your home’s 120 volt grid. They reduce the voltage running to your low-voltage landscape lighting. 12 volt lights are much safer and more economical than 120 volt lights.

Q. How many transformers will I need for my garden?

A. That will depend on how many lights you need for your landscaping. It will also depend on the size of your transformer(s). Transformers can carry as little as 45 watts of power, or as much as 1,500 watts. You will need to figure out how many watts you will need for your lighting. After you know that, you should add 10% more to that number, to ensure your transformer can produce enough wattage to light all the lights equally.

Q. Why can’t I just use the power from my home?

A. Since most outdoor landscape lights are 12 volt, it is very unsafe to try to run 120 volts of power to them. They will be overloaded and this causes a safety risk!

Q. Where should I place my transformer?

A. Your transformer can be placed inside your home, such as on a porch area, or on a wall outside your home. You can also get underground transformers that are buried just outside your home. You will need to place your transformer in a place where it has close access to your home’s power grid, so it can be plugged into that grid. You will probably want to place your transformer in a place where it can be hidden or camouflaged, for aesthetic reasons.outdoor lighting - landscape lighting

Q. What is a zone and how do they work?

A. A zone is a section or segment of lights being powered by a transformer. They are recommended for use because they make sure the power from the transformer is distributed equally among the lights in your garden. If you are putting in all this work on your yard and garden, you will want to get the best results from your transformer. Zones make this possible!

Q. How many zones can be powered by 1 transformer?

A. That depends on the wattage of the lights being illuminated. You can find this out by looking on the packaging of the lights. It should tell you how many watts are needed for each light to work properly. You can get transformers that light as few as 45 watts of light, or as many as 1,500 watts of light. You will need to decide how many watts you will be using before you buy your transformer(s). If you get a multi-tap transformer, you can run several zones from the same transformer.

Q. Do I need to hire an electrician to put in my transformer?

A. This is dependent on how comfortable you are with working with electricity. It also depends on how much you know about wiring a transformer into your home’s electric grid. As always, if you are uncomfortable with working with electricity, please consider using the services of a licensed electrician. It is better to spend a bit more money and be safe than to make a mistake and get shocked (or worse)!

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