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NO, YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE who enjoys sneaking a late-night snack. We know how it is. Some things just taste better after midnight, right? But late-night snacking can actually have a negative impact on your teeth—especially when your orthodontic work potentially leaves even more food behind than normal when you’re finished eating.orthodontics

A 2010 Denmark study found correlations between late-night snacking and tooth loss. From a research group of over 2,000 adults, 8% were classified as “nocturnal eaters”. Over a six-year period, members of this group were found to have a greatly increased risk of tooth loss.

Why We Encourage You To Brush And Clean Your Orthodontic Work Before Bedtime
Traditionally, before bed is a good time to take care of your oral health and beauty regimes. There’s good reason for that. During the night, saliva production slows down. Saliva is pivotal in keeping your mouth clean—washing away leftover food and reinforcing tooth enamel. It’s like your mouth’s police force. Minus saliva’s full effects during the night—combined with teeth that aren’t clean—leaves bacteria and plaque to better wreak havoc.orthodontists

There’s another reason too. When you have midnight snacks, what do they typically consist of? Carrot and celery sticks? Probably not. They usually end up being something like leftover birthday cake or cold pizza! Sugars and starches are some of the worst culprits when it comes to tooth decay causes.

What To Do About It

Here’s advice from our practice for facing late-night eating temptation:

If you have a snack, rinse or brush your teeth afterward.orthodontics
Try not to eat or drink anything but water during the hour prior to going to bed.
When snacking fever strikes, opt for healthier foods—and of course, avoid those foods we’ve cautioned you about that aren’t good to eat during your orthodontic treatment period.
And if you think you have habits that are putting your oral health at risk, contact us and we’ll visit. You can also send us a direct message on Facebook, or comment below if you have thoughts or questions.

As always, thanks. Thank you for being our valued patients and friends.

Automobile Insurance FAQ

Automobile Insurance FAQ

Motorists can have some questions they would like to find the answers for regarding their coverage, prices, quotes, vehicles and policy terms. They do not feel comfortable to ask to an agent or broker each time they like to find out something. Most of the time can find substantial information online, visit us here: We try our best to be helpful here as well. However, policyholders should not hesitate to call their insurers when they have important and specific questions.Car Insurance

Here are some of the questions we come across often. These answers are not extensive and you may be able to find more on posts within this site addressing specific topics.Does my policy cover me for driving cars belonging to others? Usually, the owner of the car should have arranged coverage if he will let others drive his car. Your policy can cover cars belonging to others while you are driving, if you ask for it. However, this will probably cover the liabilities you may face after the owner’s policy exhausted and not the damages to the car.Will my cover the rental car as well? You can get your private policy to cover the liabilities section when you rent a car. However, it is unlikely that they will cover any car you rent for damages. You may have to buy damage waiver from the rental company.Why the agent likes to know who else can drive in my household?

Companies assume that at some stage you may allow them to drive your automobile. They like to accommodate this possibility in their calculations.What extras I should buy on top of the liabilities to insure my car properly? Collision coverage pays for any crash related damages your car may suffer. Comprehensive coverage will include most other damages to it except the collision like weather related damages, theft, vandalism, falling threes and so on.How come rates are so different in the market? Every company has their own preferred risk profile and every policyholder carries specific risks. When an insurer comes across a driver meeting their acceptable risk criteria, they will offer better rates. If they do not like the driver history or the car he is driving, they will offer much higher rates. You just have to find your ideal insurer to get the best rates.What is deductible and how does it affect the rates? Deductible is the first portion of a damage that will be paid out of the pocket of the policyholder before insurance kicks in.
The more risk you take away from the carrier by increasing the deductible the lower the premium should be.How much my rate can go up if I move from a town to a large city? A lot is the short answer. Depending on how safe is your current location and how risky the city center you are moving to, the premium can be as much as double.How come some cars are cheaper to insure compared to similar cars of different manufacturers? Some manufacturers build safer cars than others. These safety features can reduce the injuries to people and damages to cars.
As a result, insurers are likely to pay less for claims and therefore offer better rates to those owners.Can auto insurance companies reject certain claims? Yes, in some cases they will have to. If you were drunk when you caused the accident or deliberately damaged it, they will not be happy to pay.If my car is totalled, would the insurance pay for my loan on it? Not automatically, but yes if you bought a gap insurance. These are special additions to make sure that the payment is not less than the loan when the vehicle is totalled.Can insurance companies refuse to insure certain people? Yes, they do not have to accept every risk especially bad drivers with several accidents in a short time or many traffic violations are not necessarily welcomed.What happens if I stop paying the premium instalments? Probably, the policy will be cancelled. Some companies can cancel automatically as soon as you stop paying and few may allow a grace period even though they do not have to.Is it easy to get quotes online? It is pretty easy when you find an efficient website like to carry out the search. It should not take more than thirty minutes to properly compare rates and buy.About us | Contact us @ or for Homeowners Insurance info go to

Air Conditioning South Texas

Air Conditioning South Texas

Air Conditioning Tips

We have all experienced the torrid summer heat in South Texas. To keep your house cool it is important to keep your air conditioning equipment in top working condition. When was the last time your serviced your air conditioner. air conditioner repair

It is important to keep your equipment clean so it will operate properly. Have you had your freon levels checked? Why go all summer long paying the high cost of electricity when an air conditioner checkup could eliminate the problem.When was the last time you changed your air conditioning filter? Did you know a dirty air conditioning filter can cause your air conditioner to use 5 percent more electricity? A dirty air filter restricts air flow causing your equipment to work harder and use more energy. A dirty air filter leads to a dirty evaporator coil. If your air conditioner evaporator coil gets dirty it is expensive to clean. Change your air conditioner filter regularly and keep these problems form happening.On a split system, the outside unit is called a condenser. The condenser also has a coil which air passes through to cool the freon that has collected heat from your house. An air conditioner actually pulls heat from the house. The absence of heat is cool. It is very important to keep the condenser coil clean also. When mowing the lawn it is a good idea to turn the air conditioner off to keep dirt and grass from being sucked into the condenser coils. It is also a good idea to use a garden hose to was down the coils every month or two in the summer.

Be careful not to bend the fins on the coil as this will ruin the coil. Ask your A/C service tech to show you how to do this properly.Have your air conditioning and heating equipment checked out prior to their respective seasons. This is especially true when dealing with older equipment. 1st Class Air offers an Air Conditioning Performance Checkup for $39.90. Call us today and have your homes air conditioner checked.
Air Conditioner Service and Repair. call Today
South Texas residents, please add our website to your favorites or bookmark it.Have you ever driven away from your Plano, TX home realizing you did not push up the thermostat for the air conditioner. Then you hear the weather report and realize the air conditioner is about to run the majority of the day with no one home. You should consider a programmable thermostat. Another advantage of a programmable thermostat is at night. You can get to sleep when the house is cool enough. Later, your body will cool down naturally while you are at rest. The programmable thermostat allows the air conditioner to be be turned up…and you will never feel the difference.If your air conditioner is not cooling and you notice ice on the coil, turn the air conditioner off. Then turn you fan setting on the thermostat from AUTO to ON. This will help the air conditioner coil to thaw. If a technician arrives to your Plano, TX home the coil must be thawed out for the technician to service your unit.If you are happy with the service provided by 1st Class Air, please recommend us to your Texas neighbor. We value your word of mouth referrals.

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